couple_stackEmily K. 30  Philly, PA

couple_stackJeff N. 36  Boston, MA

I started taking Libidostack about a month ago just to try and get a
back a little of the sex drive I had when I started dating my current
fiancé 8 years ago.  By the second pill I noticed a huge increase in
my sex drive and by the 2nd week we had gone from having sex once a
week to once a day ,  and more then even once on the weekend. Its
great having the sex back in my sex life. Its better then I



Randy  W.  age 66 Glendale, CA

I tried Libidostack because the prescription pills I had been taking
would give me bad headaches every time took them.  Good sex followed
by bad a headache was barely worth it. Now I get the same good sex
with out all the headaches.




Raymond L 38 New York, NY

I tried the libidostack because my girlfriend was complaining that I
didn’t ever want to have sex anymore,  I guess I had lost some of my
previous drive. After a few weeks of taking the pills I was feeling
super horny like I was 17 again. My girlfriend is not complaining





Jorge R. 31 Atlanta, GA

I have been using Libidostack for a couple months now and I have to
say that though I noticed it working the first month it seems to be
working better the longer I take it . Now on month 3 my hardons feel
like they are made of stone, and they don’t even go away after I
orgasm so I can keep going If want to.



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